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Shirley's mother holding her lullabye babies.


What We Do . . .

My 9-year-old granddaughter, Kayleigh, and I find previously loved baby dolls, bathe them, dress them, give them a name, and wrap them in a blanket.  We then deliver these babies to women in nursing homes (especially those in Alzheimer’s units).

Why We Do It . . .

I gave a baby doll to my 90-year-old mother and saw the joy it brought to her.  She now has someone to care for and love.  When I contacted various nursing homes, I was met with enthusiasm.  Just before Christmas 2006, my granddaughter and I delivered approximately 150 baby dolls to three different nursing homes in the Augusta, Georgia area.  The women were so appreciative and excited about receiving a baby doll for their very own.  We were sorry that we could only reach these three facilities.

What We Would Like To Do . . .

We would like to get volunteers from every state who would be willing to collect previously loved baby dolls, bathe them, dress them, give them a name, wrap them in a blanket and deliver them to women in nursing homes throughout their state.  This project can be done by one or two people (like my granddaughter and I) or it could be run by a club, organization, or any group of people who would like to see the joy on these women’s faces when they receive their own baby doll to care for and love.

We are just starting out, so only a few states have representation.  If you would like to have your name added to the list as your state’s organizer, please contact Lullabye Babies at this web-site.

We are also asking that anyone who would like to donate previously loved baby dolls to this cause to contact one of the names listed below.  We are looking for baby dolls that are easy to cuddle and that can be cleaned up.  Please, no Barbie or Barbie-like dolls, and no dolls that are too large, too small, too fragile, or too heavy for these women to hold safely or comfortably.  Any doll clothes (or baby clothes that would fit these dolls), baby blankets, etc would also be appreciated.

Georgia:  Shirley Waldera
Pennsylvania:  JoAnne Revelt



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