Butler Creek
runs through our property



About Us

I have loved horses all my life and at first rode a quarter horse. I decided to take one of my horses to be trained and after a couple weeks the trainer said to come over and we would go for a trail ride and see how I liked him. Well I really didn't want to ride him that day so my husband Bob who was new to riding said he would ride the quarter horse and the trainer let me take his Foxtrotter, Suzzy.

When I rode that foxtrotter it was total love for the breed. I had ridden horses off and on my whole life but never on a smooth horse like that. I talked and talked about it until my husband bought her for our anniversary.  The horse was not for sale so it took some talk.... From that day on my motto has been "To Ride One Is To Own One"  AND WE DO.;

Bob and I love to ride and go most week-ends to ride and camp. We have also shown our foxtrotter and have two beautiful grandchildren who are now riding. We want to share this beautiful breed with anyone who loves horses.

Come by or call and see us!

 Butler Creek Stables